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4 days ago
"What is the Gospel?" Limerick Baptist Church Service, 09/08/2020

We're so glad you're joining us this Sunday! Grab a cuppa and settle in for worship and a sermon with Limerick Baptist Church!

6 days ago
Limerick Baptist Church

New link for the wedding
K so sorry but new link ad we had tech problems https://www.facebook.com/LimerickBaptistChurch/

As a diverse community of people of all ages and many nationalities, we are united by the wonderful message that Jesus lived and died to make people sons and daughters of God. We love to welcome new ... See more

1 week ago
Team Taylor Ireland

To view Andy and Shea's wedding live Friday August 7th 2020 @ 4pm (Irish time) you can use the link below to a facebook live stream. You should not need a facebook account to view this live feed or ... See more

Info, updates, prayer and praise items all regarding Bruce and Brenda Taylor's mission with TEAM in Ireland. Sharing the hope of the Gospel of Jesus with Ireland.

1 week ago
The Gospel of Luke

Daily Devo, Aug 3, Luke 5:27-32 Do You need a Doctor? (Last devo until Aug, 25)

Pastor Paul’s Daily Devotions through the Gospel of Luke. 31, 2020Luke 5:17-26Who can forgive sins?by Pastor Paul 30, 2020Luke 5:12-17Do you feel clean?by Pastor Paul 29, 2020How do you fear…

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