About Limerick Baptist Church

As a diverse community of people of all ages and many nationalities, we are united by the wonderful message that Jesus lived and died to make people sons and daughters of God. We love to welcome new people into our family!

There has been a Baptist community in Limerick dating back as far as 1889, originally meeting in the city centre until our relocation to Caherdavin in 1993.

We have been here for over 25 years. Many have gone before us and we honour and thank them for laying a foundation of faith for future generations.  We align ourselves with the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland. Baptist churches have valued our autonomy in practice as a body of believers. We share the same core values and beliefs as those in our association but in practice we may do things a little differently. Some Baptist churches are quite formal in their services. We are quite casual though we strive to not be irreverent.  Dress, music choices, methods of prayer and such can change but the core values of the denomination keeps us well grounded in truth.

You can find a link to the Association here  www.irishbaptist.org

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