Who We Are

Our story in Limerick

Limerick Baptist Church can trace its roots back to 1889. In April 1892 the church was constituted as a Baptist Church with 22 members. On 1st February 1895, a new church building was opened on O’Connell Avenue in the city centre. LBC’s commitment to the Gospel of Christ remained even during difficult times of political and social change in Ireland.

By the 1990s the church building on O’Connell Avenue was too big for the congregation, and needed significant repairs. It was decided that the congregation should move to the suburb of Caherdavin. The final church service in the old building was held on 24th May 1992.

Church meetings were held in the Caherdavin Community Centre for a year. On 29th May 1993 our new building on the Old Cratloe Road was opened.

Recent decades have seen growth with people coming to Limerick from all over the country and the world, with many in Limerick encountering the life-transforming message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are now a multicultural congregation in a multicultural Ireland. We want to see the church not only grow in Caherdavin but plant new congregations throughout the city and surrounding area.

Our Vision

A person is not born a Christian and we are not Christians simply by belonging to any particular church. The vision of Limerick Baptist Church is to create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life-changing reality of the Gospel, as people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We are a Baptist Church

The term ‘Baptist’ comes from our emphasis on the baptism of believers. We see Baptism as a symbol of what happens when someone gives their life to Jesus.

Because of what baptism symbolises we believe that the proper form of baptism is not by sprinkling but by immersion, and not for infants but for those who desire to be baptised by their own free will. This is an important public declaration of faith (Romans 6:4).

We are a part of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland. This association consists of independent churches of similar beliefs who partner together and hold each other accountable


Our Core Values


Demonstrating the grace of God through a culture of care and love.


Meeting together regularly, supporting each other through friendship and help.


Developing a personal faith based on Biblical truth.


When people meet Christ, lives are changed, families are transformed and communities thrive. We’re passionate about what God is doing in our communities and around the world; which is why we support individuals and mission organisations who are making an impact locally and globally.

For more information about the individuals and organisations supported by LBC contact: [email protected]